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4 Pediatric Dentistry Preventative Services to Consider for Your Child

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As a parent, you love to see your child smile. However, it’s not enough to see him smile –– you want his smile to be a healthy one. A smile that will remain healthy for as long as he lives starts with proper oral care during your child’s first stages of life. Fortunately, high-quality preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno can help you to keep your child’s teeth healthy and attractive starting today. Here are four pediatric dentistry preventative services to consider for your child.

  1. Cleaning

This is one of the most basic yet often overlooked preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno for especially young children. After all, when your child doesn’t have many teeth in his mouth, you may naturally assume he doesn’t need a dentist just yet. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


Scheduling your child’s first of many regular oral cleanings early on is an essential step in caring for his teeth. After all, during his preventative children’s dentistry dental cleaning, you’ll receive plenty of helpful information and guidance for taking care of your child’s teeth at home, too.

When to Take Your Child to the Dentist

Your child should initially see a provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno within half a year of developing his first tooth. He definitely needs to see a dentist before he turns 2 years old. But don’t worry –– if your child is older than 2 and hasn’t seen a dentist yet, it’s not too late to get started.

What Happens First during Dental Cleanings?

Teeth cleanings are relatively common procedures, but they involve multiple steps. Here is a look at what you can expect during a cleaning by a provider of top-notch preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno.

A dental hygienist or dentist will focus on removing tartar from your child’s teeth, both above and below his gum line. Tartar is essentially what forms on the teeth when plaque –– the soft debris that remains on your teeth after eating –– becomes hard. Your family’s preventative children’s dentistry professional will then polish his teeth with a paste as well as floss to confirm that all tartar has been removed.

Next Steps during Dental Cleanings

Following the dental cleaning, your child’s provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno will take a close look at his teeth to ensure that they are healthy. A mirror and small probe will be used to check for any decay signs. In addition, the dentist will examine his gums for swelling or redness, indicators of gum disease. Finally, you’ll schedule your child’s next appointment for six months after his current appointment.

Oral Care at Home

Until your child sees a provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno again in six months, it’s your job, Mom or Dad, to keep your child’s pearly whites and gums as healthy as possible. Infants don’t need to floss or brush, but parents should wipe down their gums with damp cloths each day. When your infant child begins to develop teeth, an age-appropriate toothbrush can come in handy for carefully removing plaque and thus preventing tartar from building up.

  1. Fluoride

As part of your child’s dental cleaning, your child’s provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno may also apply fluoride to his teeth. Fluoride is a mineral that helps with preventing dental decay by hardening growing teeth’s enamel.

Outside of your child’s preventative children’s dentistry office, you can continue to give your child fluoride by brushing his teeth with fluoridated toothpaste beginning at 2 years old. Children who are 6 years old or older can also begin to use mouthwashes containing fluoride, under the supervision of an adult. In addition, public water is a good source of fluoride, so give your child water from the tap versus bottled water to ensure that he is getting plenty of this important mineral.

  1. X-rays

Pediatric dental x-rays, or radiographs, are another essential tool that a provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno will use during your child’s dental cleanings. Pediatric x-rays will provide your dentist with a detailed view of your child’s dental development and any underlying issues that might result in complications down the road.

For instance, a dentist at your child’s preventative children’s dentistry office may be helpful for identifying an infection or the misalignment of teeth that will need to be corrected with braces. X-rays may come in handy for making diagnoses and forming treatment plans based on your child’s soft tissue, teeth and jaw conditions.

X-Ray Procedure

What Happens during an X-Ray Procedure?

The x-ray process is a painless one, which is good news for you and your child. On top of this, technological advancements have led to a reduction in the quantity of radiation to which children are exposed during x-ray procedures –– an added bonus.

During the procedure at your child’s preventative children’s dentistry office, your child’s dentist, hygienist or dental assistant will place a lead apron on him to protect his body from excess radiation. Then, the x-rays will simply be captured using a machine. How long the process will take will depend on what types of x-rays are being taken. You can expect your child to receive his first x-rays by the time he turns 5-6 years old when his permanent teeth start to erupt.

  1. Sealants

Sealants, plastic coverings that protect children’s teeth, are also available through a quality provider of preventative pediatric dentistry services in Reno. Your child will begin to get his permanent teeth at about age 6. Unfortunately, these teeth have fissures and pits in which food can easily get stuck and cause issues, including cavities. Fortunately, placing sealants over these teeth can help to prevent your child from developing cavities down the road.

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