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6 Steps to Healthy Teeth for Kids

child with healthy teeth smiling

Healthy teeth for children don’t happen by accident. On the contrary, kids typically have happy, healthy smiles when adults help their children learn good oral care.

Looking for simple steps to ensure that your child has the healthiest teeth possible? Our experts at Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental weigh in on the steps you should take with your child to achieve the best possible outcome.

1. Brush properly

This is the bedrock principle of healthy teeth for children. Good oral care starts with the right tooth brushing habits. Make sure your child:

  • Brushes twice daily (after breakfast and before bedtime)
  • Uses proper form, brushing the top, front, and back of all teeth
  • Takes at least two minutes to brush their teeth every time they brush

Also, make sure you’ve given them the proper tools to succeed. Use an age-appropriate toothpaste and replace their toothbrush every three months.

2. Floss daily

Teach your child good oral hygiene by making sure they floss once each day. By removing particles between teeth that brushing alone can’t reach, you’re encouraging the development of healthy teeth for your child.

If your child doesn’t like flossing, it may be because they weren’t taught the right way! Incorrect flossing might be uncomfortable. Show them how to pull the floss against the inside of their teeth. That’s both sides of each tooth and twice for each gap.

3. Brush Your Tongue

We’ve made this a separate step from teeth brushing, not because it should be done at a different time, but because so many children forget how important it is! Bacteria easily hide on the tongue, which can later be deposited back onto the teeth if it hasn’t been brushed away. Additionally, an unbrushed tongue can cause bad breath. Having healthy teeth for children means having a healthy tongue too!

4. Reduce Sugary Snacks

Let’s face it, children are surrounded by candy, soda, and other sugary foods. It’s important to teach children at an early age that sugary snacks and drinks are fun as an occasional treat, but that constantly consuming them will cause a host of health issues, including cavities. Teach them to make good food decisions on their own, and you’ll have provided them a valuable life skill.

5. Drink Water

We all know water is vital to life, but have you ever thought about how important it is to achieve healthy teeth for children? Water helps sweep away bacteria that accumulates in the mouth between the morning and evening. The Children’s Hospital of California has given some excellent guidelines of how much water a child should drink for their age.

6. Visit a Pediatric Dentist

As soon as your child’s first tooth pops from the gums, you should make an appointment for your little one to visit the pediatric dentist. Healthy teeth in children require regular visits to the dentist for examination and cleaning every six months.

If you live in the Reno area, we encourage you to make an appointment at one of Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental’s six locations. Our offices accept most forms of dental insurance, including Medicaid. Call us today so we can help your child stay on the road to a healthy smile!