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Pediatric Orthodontist in Reno, NV

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An orthodontist can help straighten your child’s teeth and keep them aligned well into adulthood.

ToothFairy Pediatric Dentistry of Reno, Nevada has orthodontists for kids on staff who can see your child during your regular check-ups. Our pediatric orthodontists are your trusted, welcoming resource to learn about braces or Invisalign for straightening your child’s teeth and improving their bite.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments Available

Ask our pediatric orthodontists about these options for your kids.


Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that can slowly move your child’s teeth into their proper place. They can easily be taken out for mealtime and pictures.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces Positioned Behind the Teeth

Lingual braces are a lot like traditional metal braces, but positioned behind the teeth. They’re great for keeping your child’s teeth looking great for photos.

Traditional Braces

Traditional Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces can help straighten your child’s teeth. They’re a common and cost-effective option that may straighten teeth more quickly than clear braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored braces that are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Your child may even be able to choose their color.


What to Expect at the First Appointment

Orthodontic appointments for kids start with a visual exam, as well as x-rays to determine the alignment of your child’s teeth. Our orthodontist may ask you questions about your child’s habits, like thumb sucking or anything they like to chew on. Our orthodontist will discuss options for straightening your child’s teeth, along with the costs and timeframes.

Between exceptionally caring staff and gentle sedation available, our dentists and pediatric orthodontists will ensure all of your child’s treatments are done in relaxation and comfort.

When to Visit an Orthodontist

Your child should have their first visit to an orthodontist for screening no later than 7 years old. During this first meeting, your orthodontist will identify any jaw irregularities or developmental issues. If they find any complications, it’s a sign that your child might need orthodontic care in the future. Earlier screenings make for earlier treatment and the soonest relief for your child. Some children may begin progressive orthodontic treatment as early as age 7. Your child’s orthodontist can provide treatment to help correct a bad bite, fill any gaps between teeth, and help straighten their teeth all before your child reaches their teenage years.

Make an appointment with our children’s orthodontist in Reno, NV as soon as possible if they’re exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • Their jaw is disproportionate to the face
  • A habit of frequent thumb-sucking
  • Chronic breathing from the mouth rather than the nose
  • The primary teeth fall out too soon or too late
  • Signs of malocclusion (overbite/underbite)
  • Visible crowding of the teeth

Most patients receiving orthodontic treatment are children and teens. This is because their jaws are changing to make room for new teeth. It is during this time that the teeth are easily moved, allowing for a shorter orthodontic treatment time – especially in patients who undergo early treatment. 

Considerations for Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment

If your child is fitted for a fixed orthodontic appliance, such as braces, there will be a few considerations for their diet to keep it in good shape. For instance, you may need to ensure your child does not eat hard and tough foods, candies, popcorn kernels, or similar foods that could interfere with or damage the device. You may also need to help your child to brush and floss around their braces or other orthopedic appliance. Girl with braces smiling


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What can orthodontics help with?

Orthodontics includes treatments that are designed to align the teeth or jaws. Most commonly, it includes the application of traditional braces or Invisalign to correct spacing or other abnormalities in your child’s teeth.

How does preventative care affect orthodontic treatment?

Excellent preventative care is designed to spot potential orthodontic issues in kids as soon as possible to help ensure your child gets treatment right away. During exams, we use x-rays to track your child’s tooth and jaw development to both identify existing issues as well as find ways to prevent future damage.

My child needs braces. Do I have options?

Yes! There are now a few different orthodontics options for kids to suit your child’s needs and your family’s lifestyle. In addition to traditional metal braces, we’re proud to offer ceramic braces, lingual braces (placed behind the teeth), and Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear, custom-fitted trays that are relatively easy to maintain. We’re happy to explain the differences and help you choose which type of braces is perfect for your child.

What are the signs my child needs orthodontic treatment?

While signs of issues can vary, in general, there are a few things that fairly reliably indicate a need for orthodontic treatment. In younger children, signs include alignment issues like an overbite or underbite, oral discomfort, visibly crowded or misaligned teeth, and a tendency toward thumb sucking. The best way to figure out if your child needs pediatric orthodontic treatment is to make an appointment with our friendly staff so we can perform an exam and discuss your options.

Do you accept insurance?

We’re happy to accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid. We believe all patients are worthy of quality dental care, regardless of income level.

Make Your Child’s Appointment

Early detection makes treating orthodontic issues in children much simpler and faster. If your child is at least 7 years of age or exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, it’s time to make their first appointment at our children’s orthodontist in Reno, NV.

You can trust the pediatric dental specialists at Tooth Fairy. Our experienced, friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions that you and your child may have about the road to straight, healthy teeth.

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