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Get Better Treatment for Your Child with a Dentist and Orthodontist Together

dentist and orthodontist together

For a child to have the best oral care possible, it’s important for them to visit the dentist every six months. A special kind of dentist called an orthodontist can also help straighten their teeth with treatments like braces. At some dentist offices, like those of Tooth Fairy Dental in Reno, they can see both on the same visit.

There are some great advantages to having a dentist combined with an orthodontist in the same building. Dr. Ben Salar can answer some of most common questions we’re asked about both practices here at Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is not simply a “kid-friendly dentist.” The term “kid-friendly” is used to describe some dental practices, but it is not either a legal or medical term. Any dentist can call themselves kid-friendly, yet that doesn’t mean they have any special training in treating children.

A pediatric dentist has completed an additional 24 months of specialized training after dental school to make them better equipped to meet the oral care needs of children. This training is very detailed and is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

When a child visits a pediatric dentist, they have the benefits of this additional training. A pediatric dentist is adept at providing a host of services, including:

As you can see, a pediatric dentist deals with the general care of the teeth, gums, and nerves. Their expertise is vital to ensure your child has a happy, healthy smile for life. And there are even more benefits to choosing a dentist with an orthodontist.

What Is an Orthodontist?

two boys smiling with teeth

To understand why finding a dentist with an orthodontist is important, it’s best to understand how the orthodontist differs from a dentist. Although both doctors deal with oral care, the orthodontist mainly deals with the positioning of the teeth. This means that they would deal with conditions such as:

  • Overcrowding of the mouth
  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • A misshapen jaw bone
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose
  • Teeth that fall out too quickly or too late

Like a pediatric dentist, an orthodontist has 24 months of specialized training after completing dental school. This additional education allows the orthodontist to provide treatments like:

Although your kid may not require constant orthodontic care throughout their childhood, they will need to visit periodically to ensure that their teeth are developing correctly.

Should I Find A Practice that Combines a Dentist With an Orthodontist?

When considering the duties of a dentist and an orthodontist, it’s easy to see how their specialties overlap to provide full oral care for your child. Yet surprisingly enough, many pediatric dentists and orthodontists operate completely different practices at totally separate locations.

At Toothfairy Pediatric Dental, we’ve found that your child receives the best treatment when pediatric dental and orthodontic services are provided together under one roof. There’s several reasons why you should find a pediatric dentist with an orthodontist.

Improved Coordination of Care

child treated in dentist chair

A dentist and orthodontist have different tasks, yet they both support your child’s overall oral care. Wouldn’t it be better to have each of these doctors work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your child. Although this is nearly impossible when each specialist is located at a different practice, this is simple when you can find them under the same roof. By combining their services together, it’s plain to see how your child would benefit from the care of a dentist with an orthodontist working alongside them.

Time Savings

Two offices to call. Two schedules to coordinate. Two appointments to fit into your busy calendar. Two sets of forms to fill out. Nothing about that sounds simple!

When you have a dentist and orthodontist together, you won’t ever need to coordinate with two separate offices. This time savings can’t be underestimated. You’ll spend less time on the road, less time driving in the car, and less time trying to remember which office you’re supposed to be driving to in the first place! The combination of a dentist with an orthodontist helps you save time in your busy schedule.

More Comfortable for your Child

We understand that most children are a bit hesitant about going to the dentist. Although we do everything we can to provide a calming, welcoming environment, there’s still some hesitancy on the part of most children when they first visit the dentist.

If your child’s dentist and orthodontist are located at different practices, your child has to get acclimated to two different offices. They’ll meet two different sets of staff, so it will take twice as long for them to feel comfortable with the team that provides their care. In the end, having a dentist with an orthodontist under the same roof means that your child will feel more comfortable when it’s time to visit the office for treatment.

Toothfairy Pediatric Dental Is the Best Choice In Reno

It’s simple to see why having combined oral care from a dentist and orthodontist under the same roof is best for your child, and for you too! However, you’ll still need to select a practice that will provide your child with the very best of care. If you live in the Reno area, we recommend visiting our team here at Toothfairy Pediatric Dental.

We have six different locations where the pediatric dentist works together with the orthodontist. Each of our locations accepts dental insurance, including Medicaid. We also offer convenient payment plans for those who need them. Have questions about our practice? We’re glad to help!

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