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How Often Should Kids Go to the Dentist?

Tools and equipment used in a dentist’s office.

Parents often wonder how often visits to go to the dentist should be scheduled. The answer is simple, once every six months or as needed depending on your child’s oral health.

Regularly scheduled visits to a pediatric dentist are an important part of your child’s dental hygiene care. Our dentists at Toothfairy Pediatric Dental in Reno, Nevada describe why regular cleanings and checkups need to become a part of your family’s routine.

For many children, dentists suggest scheduling time for a routine cleaning and dental checkup every six months, or approximately twice a year. But each child is different, and how often they need to go to the dentist may vary. If your child has specific dental health needs, your dentist may recommend more frequent appointments.

How Often are Dentist’s Cleanings Needed?

Toddler brushing their teeth at a sink.
If your children are already brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, you might wonder how often you need cleanings from a dentist. When you look in the mirror, their teeth and gums may appear white and clean, so it might be easy to skip an appointment or put it off until next year.

But the truth is that no matter how diligent they are about brushing and flossing, bacteria and plaque continues to build up and harden. This hardened plaque is called tartar, and in time it will create cavities in the teeth and gum disease. That’s why is best to make and keep your child’s dental appointments once every six months.

Why Do We Have to Go to the Dentist?

Chances are, you’ve heard your child say that at least once as you’re heading off for your six-month checkup. And the answer is quite simple. The dentist has the tools needed to give your child’s teeth (both baby teeth and permanent teeth) the cleaning and care necessary to stay healthy.

During your visit, the dentist and their dental hygienist will perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth. This exam may also include taking x-rays so that dental health issues can be found and prevented. Common concerns include cavities, tooth decay, yellow teeth, grinding teeth, and crooked teeth. At the end of the cleaning and exam, you’ll find out how often you’ll need to go to the dentist and what the next steps are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Dentist Questions

A young girl having her teeth cleaned.
It’s is always okay to ask whatever questions you or your child have about examinations or treatments. We pride ourselves on giving clear, easy-to-understand explanations, and we’ll always confirm your next appointment. That way, you’ll always know how often to go to the dentist and keep your smile looking its best!

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