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How to Handle a Child’s Broken Tooth

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As much as you try to protect your kids, at some point, they’ll have an accident or injury. Sometimes it’s an incident where your kid has broken their teeth, or your baby has cracked a tooth.

A chipped or cracked tooth can happen when a child is playing sports, roughhousing with friends, or by a simple stumble and fall. Many kinds of injuries can happen to your kid’s teeth ranging from a minor chip to a cracked tooth (also called a fracture). These injuries can happen to both baby and permanent teeth. But don’t worry, your kid’s broken teen can be fixed!

What to Do With A cracked Baby Tooth

If you discover your child’s or baby’s tooth has a chip or is broken, it’s essential that you call their pediatric dentist to let them know and secure an appointment right away. When you’re on the phone, describe in detail how the fracture occurred and what your child’s teeth look like.

First Aid for Your Kid’s Broken Teeth

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The following advice if what to do after your child has injured their teeth comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s the best-practice advice for addressing your baby’s cracked tooth before you can get them to your dentist for a thorough exam.

  • Use warm water to clean the area and rinse the mouth.
  • Place any pieces of your kid’s broken teeth in milk, water, or saliva. Keeping them moist is essential.
  • Never use a pointed or sharp object in your child’s mouth.
  • To control any bleeding, have your child bite on a piece of dampened gauze.
  • Use an ice pack on any bruising or swelling that may occur near your baby’s cracked tooth.

Administering first aid immediately after the injury can help prevent infection. Your dentist will take x-rays and give you advice on what is needed. When injuries like this happen, a pediatric dentist can be a big help! Pediatric dentists specialize in dental care for infants and children, so they have plenty of experience with dental problems such as your kid’s broken teeth.

How will a Dentist Treat a Cracked Baby Tooth?

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Baby teeth can easily become chipped around the edge by chewing on things as normal as hard candy or ice. Small chips are frequently left alone as it won’t be long before baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. When addressing broken or cracked baby teeth, the main goal is to stop any damage from occurring to the permanent tooth below it. If your child’s baby tooth has been knocked out completely, the dentist will check to make sure the permanent tooth has not been damaged in any way.

How Will A Dentist Treat My Kid’s Broken Permanent Teeth?

Once your child has grown in their permanent teeth, any tooth crack or chip needs immediate care. Your dentist will classify and treat tooth fractures based on these four levels.

Class 1 – Chips or breaks in the outer enamel. At this level, the chipped edges are smoothed over with a dental file. Larger chips may require a composite filling.

Class 2 – Chips or breaks that enter the dentin layer. This level is a very common type of tooth injury that may need a porcelain veneer or crown.

Class 3 – Chips or breaks that enter the tooth’s pulp. In this case, immediate attention is necessary, as bacteria can enter the pulp and cause infection. In this case, a root canal and a dental crown may be required.

Class 4 – Breaks that descend into the tooth’s root. While very uncommon, this is a severe injury that may require total removal of the tooth.

Whether your child is an infant, a toddler or a teenager, dental injuries can occur despite a parent’s best efforts to prevent them. When a chip or a break happens, make sure you call your dentist. But try not to worry. Your dentist can repair your kid’s broken teen and restore their beautiful smile!

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