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Our Pediatric Dental Procedures: The Services We Offer

pediatric dental procedures

When you choose a pediatric dentist for your child, you want to find a dentist that offers a full range of pediatric dental procedures. After all, good dental care requires more than just regular cleanings. Your dentist’s office should be equipped to handle any problem that might arise with your child’s teeth as they grow.

At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, we’re proud to offer an extensive range of pediatric dental services. To learn more about the types of services we offer, here is a breakdown of some of our most commonly-used services.

Preventative Dentistry

Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions that children can develop. To keep your child from joining the alarmingly high number of children with cavities, regular preventative care is a must. Your child should visit the dentist every 6 months for pediatric dental procedures that will help prevent tooth decay from developing.

During a preventative care visit, your child’s teeth will be cleaned by the dentist or dental hygienist. They will use a scaler to scrape tartar and plaque off of the teeth, rinsing it away with water. After that buildup has been removed, they will use a lightly abrasive paste to polish the teeth. The last step of the cleaning will be flossing to make sure that there’s nothing between your child’s teeth.

When your child comes in for regular check ups, the dentist can examine their teeth and jaw for any abnormalities. If the dentist detects any issues, the problem can be treated right away before it can cause any extensive damage.

Dental X-Rays

While your child’s dentist will perform a visual exam of their teeth at every visit, some problems are not detectable to the naked eye. That’s where pediatric dental x-rays come in. Dental x-rays allow the dentist to get a more thorough view of your child’s jaw and teeth, which can help the dentist ensure that everything is developing properly. X-rays can identify missing or extra teeth and can highlight other underlying issues. X-rays can also be used to:

  • Monitor healing and recovery following a mouth injury
  • Identify an infection
  • Determine whether a child will need orthodontic treatment

Your child’s dentist can order x-rays as often as every 6 months, but some children may only need x-rays every few years.

Root Canals

Root canals for children, also known as pulpal therapy, are a common pediatric dental procedure used to treat a child’s tooth when it has been affected by injury or infection. When a tooth is damaged or decayed, the soft pulp inside the teeth can become infected. Root canals are an alternative to extracting the tooth, allowing the dentist to preserve your child’s natural tooth. This procedure can be used on both permanent and baby teeth.

During a root canal, the dentist will remove the infected pulp from the tooth. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned and filled with a therapeutic material. Finally, the dentist will cap the tooth with a crown, which will protect the tooth and give it a natural appearance.

Composite Fillings

If your child is suffering from cavities, it can lead to pain, infection, and even tooth loss if left untreated. The application of composite fillings, or tooth colored fillings, is a simple procedure in which the dentist will numb your child’s gums and teeth using an anesthetic. They will then remove the decay and clean the tooth. The cavity is then filled with a composite material that is bonded and cured to the tooth.

Sedation Dentistry

If your child suffers from dental anxiety, has special needs, or simply has trouble sitting still, sedation dentistry may benefit your child. Sedation dentistry, also called sleep dentistry, is simply any pediatric dental procedure where your child is under some sort of sedation. Sedation dentistry can help all children get the dental care they need.

pediatric dental procedures






At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, we offer different levels of sedation depending on the procedure and your child’s needs. The four types of sedation that we use are nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is the most commonly-used sedative, and will keep your child awake but totally relaxed.

If you think your child may benefit from sedation dentistry, our experienced staff can discuss options with you. Our team will work with you and your child to ensure that going to the dentist is a pain- and anxiety-free experience.


In addition to pediatric dental procedures, we also offer orthodontic treatment for children. Children should have their first orthodontic screening no later than age 7. This evaluation can identify jaw irregularities and potential complications that may require orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics can be used to treat a variety of different conditions, including overbites, underbites, and crowding. At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including:

  • Traditional Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign

You, your child, and the orthodontist will work together to determine the best treatment option for your child’s needs.

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Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is a lifelong endeavor that begins in infancy. When you have a pediatric dentist you can trust, you know that your child will be in good hands for all of their pediatric dental procedures. Whether your child needs a simple cleaning or an intensive root canal, Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental is proud to offer a full range of pediatric dental procedures. If your child needs dental treatment or just needs their biannual check up, contact us today to make an appointment.