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Why Pediatric Dental Check-Ups Are So Important in Reno

Pediatric dentistry

Dental check-ups play an important role when it comes to maintaining the oral health of your children. In fact, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend that every kid should visit a dentist by age one, or as soon as the first baby tooth appears. It’s never too early to begin taking steps on your kid’s oral health. While each stage of development requires special attention, nurturing your child’s teeth should be a top priority.

If you’re a parent living in Reno, you need to choose a reliable pediatric dentist for your child during their early years. Visiting a pediatric dentist regularly comes with numerous benefits. Here are some of the reasons why pediatric dental check-ups are so important in Reno:

Teaches Good Oral Health From Early Childhood

Whether your child still has baby teeth or is growing permanent teeth, the importance of dental check-ups from early childhood cannot be overlooked. It offers a great opportunity for your kids to learn about the importance of oral health care from professionals. With regular check-ups from a tender age, kids are more likely to develop a positive attitude toward pediatric dental visits. Each visit shapes their view toward oral health for the rest of their lives.

A pediatric dentist will perform routine procedures during visits, like regular cleaning of the teeth, while teaching both parents and children how to best take care of their teeth. Pediatric dental services typically have child-friendly dentists and staff members who use a gentle and caring approach with kids, ensuring that they’re as comfortable as possible during each dental check-up. Dentists also take time to explain each procedure and why it needs to be done, creating a picture of transparency on oral health issues, and why pediatric dental check-ups are important.

Allows Oral Health Problems to Be Identified Early

Over 28% of kids between the ages of 2 and 5 develop tooth cavities, and 40% of kids between 2 and 11 years also experience tooth cavity problems. These surprising statistics show the importance of visiting a pediatric dentist so that oral health problems can be identified and treated early before they become a lifetime problem. Addressing dental problems as they surface is the best solution to stop them from getting worse. Oral health issues can be caused by dental hygiene, diet, and even jaw problems.

With early detection, which can only happen if you stick to the twice-a-year dental check-up routine, you can save time and money on costly dental treatment later on in your kid’s life. For instance, to maintain a healthy mouth for your kid, a pediatric dentist will teach you how to remove any plaque, or tartar buildup in your kid’s teeth, as well as how to eliminate tooth surface stains, which plays a key role in preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth.

Considering that kids at a young age haven’t yet mastered how to brush and floss their teeth effectively, regular pediatric dental check-ups ensure your kids’ teeth are professionally cleaned to get rid of the plague and debris that may have been missed. Bacteria build-up in the mouth is the main reason for tooth cavities and decay in the long run. Regular dental visits help find cavities and decay earlier on before they worsen. Neglecting tooth cavities in your kids will ultimately cause tooth structure damage, leading to infections and the need for advanced dental treatment procedures like fillings and extractions in later years.

Ensures Healthy Development of Your Child’s Teeth

Professional Oral Care

Visiting your pediatric dentist at least two times a year will help improve and maintain the state of your child’s teeth. It is important to understand baby teeth are the foundation for permanent or adult teeth. When you take good care of your kid’s baby teeth, it will be easier for permanent teeth to come in healthier, stronger and straighter. Healthy development of your child’s teeth from the moment you see the first baby tooth is critical if you want to avoid additional orthodontic work in the future.

Many parents are concerned about their children’s adult teeth taking too long to erupt. While in most cases it’s normal, regular pediatric dental check-ups will help you get professional insights into what the underlying problem is. It could be genetic or lack of space for adult teeth to appear. In such situations, a pediatric dentist will take pediatric dental X-Rays to offer a more enhanced view of your child’s teeth development and identify any potential problems.

Professional Oral Care Tips

During your regular dental visits, your pediatric dentist will provide you with expert tips on how to approach oral health, from the pregnancy stage to when your baby is just months old, and even when they’re over 5 or 10 years old. Advise will include the proper way to brush and floss, how regularly it should be done, and additional oral care tips based on the specific condition of your child’s teeth. For parents with kids with special needs, recommendations will be provided by a special needs pediatric dentist in Reno on the level of care needed and dental procedures to be used to ensure compassionate care for your kid.

Pediatric dental check-ups offer an opportunity for dentists to address your child’s eating habits and what you should do to protect their teeth and gums. You’ll be advised to stay clear of sugar and starch-rich foods, and if necessary, what portions are recommended. Pediatric dentists strictly advise that kids should never sleep with a baby bottle filled with milk or juice, as this creates a ground for bacteria to build up in their mouth. Your baby’s primary teeth and their healthy development are critical, and your child’s future oral health depends on it. The professional care tips offered during the visits ensure your kids will have excellent oral hygiene as they grow older.


Regular pediatric dental check-ups help you stay informed on your kid’s overall dental health. The visits allow you to continuously monitor your child for any signs of dental problems, like missing, crooked, or crowded teeth, that may hint at potential orthodontic work needed in the future. By accompanying your kids to the dentist’s office as they mature, you get to teach them the importance of responsibility, and why keeping commitments to such necessary obligations is important. This ultimately results in better health habits in adulthood.

If you’re looking for the best pediatric dentist in Reno, contact Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental today. We’re committed to ensuring the oral health of your children, and work closely with parents to ensure they get the best level of care for kids from early childhood to adulthood. Schedule your child’s visit or send us a quick email online now!