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Save Money on Your Child’s Dental Bills in Reno

Save Money

When your child needs to have dental work done, it usually has to be taken care of whether it’s in the budget or not. Because of that, dental bills can often cause hardships for families when there doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay for the work that needs to be done. As your child’s visit gets closer, you may wonder how to save money at the dentist in Reno.

Thankfully you may not need to make that call, because there are several ways available for you to save on your child’s dental bills. With a little bit of preparation and some leg work, you’ll find several helpful options. Consider these methods to cut your out of pocket costs.

1. Dental insurance

Consider adding dental insurance to your current healthcare coverage. This can be the most cost-effective way of to save money at the pediatric dentist. However, adding dental insurance is not often a simple decision to make. You’ll need to keep several important things in mind:

  • Adding dental insurance: Keep in mind that if you have health insurance through your workplace, you don’t necessarily have dental insurance. This is usually an option additional to health insurance. Many people do not realize this until it’s too late. Check your existing policy, and if you don’t have dental coverage, see how adding it will change your monthly premiums.
  • Checking prices: Before you add health insurance, do a bit of “comparison shopping.” This is easy to do if you know the procedures your child needs to undergo. Compare your monthly premiums as well as the copay for procedures against the cost of paying the procedure out-of-pocket. You may find that it will be cheaper to pay out-of-pocket, especially if your child’s dental work is fairly routine. Take your time and weigh out these two options to see what works best.
  • Understand Medicaid: Depending on your income level, your family may qualify for Medicaid or another similar program. Most Medicaid programs cover 100% of dental costs for children. Every state handles Medicaid differently, so do some research before you sign up to see if this option works for your family.

By doing your homework, you’ll find several options of how to save money at the dentist by using (or forgoing) insurance.

2. Consider what is most necessary

When you’re at the dentist, you may want to have your child undergo every procedure the dentist recommends at the very moment they recommend them. Later it can be overwhelming when you try to figure out how to pay for it all. However, realize that some procedures can be delayed safely for a certain period of time.

When your dentist makes recommendations of work that should be done on your child’s teeth, ask them if they can stagger the work out over a period of time. This will help spread the payments out over a longer period of time instead of paying a lump sum right away. Most dentists will give you a clear picture of what work is necessary immediately and what can be scheduled for a later date.

3. Discount programs

When you’re paying in cash, there may be additional ways you can find of how to save money at the dentist. Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, for example, offers monthly promotions and discount programs for families.These savings can often be significant.

If you have any questions about discount programs at Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, contact us today.

4. Practice preventative care

When you think of all the ways how to save money at the dentist, this may not rank highly on your list, if at all. However, there’s no better way for your child to avoid large scale work at the dentist than by putting a bit of preventative care into practice. Good oral care includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Proper brushing: Brush at least two times a day for two minutes per tooth brushing session.
  • Proper flossing: Most children do not like to floss, but teaching them proper flossing habits when they are young will pay big dividends in the long term.
  • Proper rinsing: Children are usually in a hurry when they are done brushing, but taking a moment to rinse out the mouth will ensure the mouth is completely cleaned out after brushing and flossing.

For more tips on how to teach your child good oral care, visit our Home Care page. In the long run, you’ll see that it’s the best method of how to save money at the dentist. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!

Live in Reno? Save on Your Dental Bills

If you live in Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Gardnerville, or the surrounding area, Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental wants to help you save on your child’s dental bills. If you’re not sure how to save money at the dentist, we’ll make the process simple and easy. We even offer convenient payment plans and accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Of course, saving money at the dentist is not helpful if you’re getting cut-rate service. However, when you work with Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, you’ll find that you’re getting the best possible care for your child at a fantastic value. Don’t make your child wait to get the dental care they need! Let us help you give your child a healthy smile that won’t break the bank.