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Top Dentist Recommended Toothpastes for Kids

Top toothpastes recommended by Dentists

In a perfect world, every child would happily run to brush their teeth twice a day, just like their pediatric dentist recommends. However, the fact of the matter is that many children don’t have that kind of drive when it comes to good oral care.

One of the ways to get your child more engaged in brushing their teeth is to allow them to choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Although it seems like a small thing, you’ll find that children are often more willing to brush their teeth when they’re involved in choosing their tooth brushing tools.

If you take your child to the oral care aisle of your local drugstore or big box store, you’ll find a host of children’s toothbrushes and toothpastes. Letting your child choose a toothbrush is fairly straightforward—find a brush with soft bristles that fits well in their hand. Most likely, the biggest struggle your child will have when choosing a toothbrush is figuring out what cartoon character they want on the handle!

However, when it comes to choosing a toothpaste, they may have more difficulty making a choice. There’s a dizzying amount of choices when it comes to kids toothpaste. There are many different brands, flavors, and formulas that are difficult to distinguish.

Toothfairy Pediatric Dental often is asked what are the top dentist recommended toothpastes on the market. Dr. Ben Salar and the team at Toothfairy have compiled their top five favorite dentist recommended toothpastes that your kids will love. As your child stares at the dozens of choices at the store, consider steering them in the direction of these dentist recommended toothpastes.

GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste

GUM squeeze a color toothpaste

Combining crayons and toothpaste may seem far-fetched at first, but if you’re looking to engage a child in toothbrushing who is normally not interested, Squeeze-A-Color is an intriguing option.

GUM’s partnership with Crayola has created an intriguing line of toothpastes. Parents will appreciate the trusted GUM brand. Kids will love the fun colors and flavors of toothpaste, all found in tubes shaped like crayons or bottles of paint. This unique line of toothpastes is dentist recommended because kids love using them!

Aquafresh Kids Cavity Protection (Bubble Mint Flavor)

Aquafresh kids bubble mint toothpaste

Remember using Aquafresh? Our dentists recommend the Aquafresh Kids toothpaste line for several reasons. First, each tube comes in a stand-up pump. This design makes it easy for your child to pump the correct amount of toothpaste on their brush. It also sits tall on your counter, making it the perfect visual reminder to your child to brush their teeth.

What’s one of kids favorite part about this toothpaste? The flavor! Many kids toothpastes have a bubble gum flavor or a mint flavor, but never both. The unique combination of both flavors may sound off-putting at first, but most children love the flavor. Of course, if they love the flavor, then they’ll love brushing too.

Tom’s of Maine

Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste

Many children’s toothpastes have interesting and unusual colors, but those colors often come from artificial dye. For many parents, this isn’t acceptable. They’re looking for a different option: one that’s all-natural, but still tastes great.

For those families, our dentists recommend Tom’s of Maine toothpastes. Their line of personal care products has exploded over the past few years, and for good reason. Not only are their products clean and all-natural, but they also work extremely well. This is especially true of their children’s toothpastes. They offer several flavors, but your kids will likely love their wild strawberry or orange-mango flavors. Not only are the flavors unique, but they have a subtle, pleasing taste your kids will enjoy.

Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper for Kids

Cavity zapper kids toothpaste

How about a toothpaste that’s not only dentist recommended, but orthodontist recommended as well? Toothpaste from the Natural Dentist is specially formulated to help soothe the sore mouths of children with braces. How is this possible? By utilizing xylitol and aloe vera in their formulas, Natural Dentist toothpastes are gentle on sore gums, yet tough on bacteria and plaque.

Colgate Kids Cavity Protection Toothpastes

Colgate kids toothpaste

Your child still not sure what toothpaste to pick? Kids toothpastes from Colgate have several advantages over the competition. Kids love the fact that they have more flavor options than any other brand. Plus, parents trust the Colgate name and also appreciate the fact that their toothpastes are usually one of the best values you can find at your local drugstore.

More Toothpaste Tips From Toothfairy Pediatric Dental

Of course, when it comes to brushing teeth, choosing the right toothpaste is only part of the issue. You’ll also need to teach your child the proper way to use their toothpaste when they brush. Although kids may want to load their toothbrush up with paste, remind your child that the amount of toothpaste they squeeze on the brush should only be about the size of a pea. A little goes a long way!

Also, kids sometimes love the flavor of their toothpaste so much that they want to swallow it. Encourage your child to spit their toothpaste out when they’re done brushing. Then, they can rinse their mouth with water and spit that out as well.

Connecting with a Kids Dentist in Reno Nevada

When your child comes for their semi-annual pediatric dental visit, we’ll also remind them about the proper form they should have when they brush their teeth. We can also answer any questions that they may have about choosing the perfect toothpaste. We’ll even have a sample or two to send home with them to try out!

If you live in the Reno area, we’d love for you to visit one of our six offices at Toothfairy Pediatric Dental. We offer complete oral care for your child, starting when they’re an infant. We accept most dental insurance plans, including Medicaid. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your child.