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Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental in Reno, NV

Tooth Fairy provides top-quality dental care for children from infants to young adults in the greater area of Reno, Nevada, as well as Fernley and Gardnerville.

With friendly, caring staff and toys, movies, and games, kids love Tooth Fairy Dental! Gentle pediatric sedation dentistry is also to help keep anxious or nervous children relaxed, calm, and comfortable.

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Tooth Fairy provides access to care for as many Reno-area children and families as we can. We’re proud to accept Medicaid and most types of insurance. Many of our staff are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Find your nearest Tooth Fairy pediatric dentist in Reno or at any one of our 6 locations in the greater area.

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Dental Services for Kids

composite fillings in sparks Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric dentists provide comfortable care for patients from infancy through adolescence. We treat ages 6 months to 21 years. Learn More
children orthodontics Orthodontics for Kids An orthodontist specializes in treatments like braces that straighten teeth. Great for children and teens. Learn More
root canal for kids in reno Tooth Colored Fillings Modern composite fillings are tooth-colored and hardly noticeable. Learn More

Relaxing & Comfortable Treatment

Tooth Fairy has built an impeccable reputation as a comfortable pediatric dentist in Reno, NV, offering specialized dental services for the unique needs of your kids and their oral health. Look to us as a kid’s dentist that accepts Medicaid in Reno.

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Our staff speaks fluent english and spanish


Great for Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Tooth Fairy dentists and staff will care for your children in a welcoming, relaxing environment.


We look forward to welcoming you and your kids into the Tooth Fairy family!

Our Commitment to Access

At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental, we love bringing smiles together. We proudly accept most insurance plans, and we’re an approved Medicaid dentist for kids. Our staff are fluent in both English and Spanish, and are committed to caring for kids all throughout the Reno area and beyond.

Experience You Can Trust

Each of our pediatric dentists in Reno is well-versed and experienced in their field, whether patients require cosmetic dentistry, braces, or new patient exams.

We also specialize in treating children with special needs, and offer sedation dentistry for patients who suffer from anxiety at the dentist. With a friendly, knowledgeable staff, our offices have become the go-to place for families wanting personal attention and better customer service for themselves and their kids.

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Comprehensive Dental Care for Children

  • Infant Oral Care at Toothfairy Pediatric DentalInfant Oral Care: Your infant’s first dental visits are vital to help ensure their long-term dental health, which is why we treat children as young as six months old. Call us for an appointment as soon as your baby’s first tooth peeks through their gums.
  • A happy child on a Pediatric ChairComposite Fillings: Our dentists are experts at minimizing pain and keeping kids comfortable during fillings. The tooth-colored fillings we use are medically and cosmetically superior to traditional silver fillings.
  • A dentist is checking the teeth of a childSedation Dentistry: Gentle pediatric sedation can help keep your child relaxed or even put them to sleep during their treatment. It’s great for children that get nervous at the dentist, or kids who have special needs.
  • Mouth xrayPediatric Dental X-Rays: If your child has pain, sensitivity, or an injury near their teeth and gums, a quick x-ray can help find the cause. They’re an excellent tool that our pediatric dentists in Reno will use to find the best treatment for your kids.
  • Dental sealants treatment at Toothfairy Pediatric DentalDental Sealants: Sealants are an easy way to help protect your child’s back teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are highly effective, simple to apply, and can protect your child’s teeth for years.
  • A dentist is checking the teeth of a childPulpal Therapy: Most kids (and adults!) can’t stand the thought of a root canal, but root canals, or pulpal therapy, may be the only way to save a tooth if it’s infected. Tooth Fairy Dentistry will help make your child’s treatment as comfortable as possible.
  • A healthy smileChildren’s Orthodontics: The best time to ensure your child or teenager’s are straight is when they’re young. We provide multiple solutions to help straighten their teeth, including Invisalign, traditional braces, lingual braces, and ceramic braces.

Bringing Smiles Together

Our pediatric dentists in Reno have the technology and experience to help your child with many of the most important dental conditions they might encounter. We focus on your kids’ overall health and the preventative care that will help protect them from cavities down the road.

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Choose the best pediatric dentist in Reno, NV, and schedule your appointment today by giving us a call at (775)-800-4117.

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Treat your kids to the most cheerful and comfortable dentist experience in Reno.



When should I schedule my child’s first appointment with a pediatric dentist?

Your child should have their first visit with a pediatric dentist within six months after their first tooth appears, but no later than one year of age. This schedule helps catch any signs of decay early, reducing the chances of any ongoing dental issues that may come up as they grow older.

What should my child expect at their first appointment?

If your child has teeth growing in already, your pediatric dentist will examine your child’s mouth, teeth, and jaw and do a cleaning if needed. You will receive information regarding how you should care for your child’s teeth in the years to come. Ask any questions at this first visit and share any symptoms your child may be having.

How often should my child see their dentist?

The first visit should occur after that first tooth appears or by age one to identify any signs of tooth decay early and reduce ongoing dental issues. If there are no complications like chipped teeth or cavities, your child should have an appointment twice per year or once every six months. Regular dental visits will help put your child at ease in the dental chair in the years to come.

Do you treat special needs children?

Our trained staff connects well with all children, including special needs children. These kids are always welcome! We can also use gentle sedation if needed to ensure that our young patients are comfortable. We have high-quality and caring dental care for every child.

How Can I Make An Appointment?

We are here to make the process of scheduling your child’s first pediatric dental appointment in Reno easy! Give us a call at 775-909-4356 to speak with one of our helpful team members. You can also send us a message online. Either way, your appointment will be created at the right time and date to best meet your schedule!

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