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Special Needs Pediatric Dentist in Reno

For parents of children with special needs, going to the dentist can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry, our team of dentists has extensive experience working with children with special needs. Your child deserves to get top notch dental care, and we’re happy to provide it to them. Our special needs pediatric dentist in Reno will take extra steps to make the process go smoothly for you and your child.

Compassionate Care for Every Child

Our special needs pediatric dentist in Reno can provide dental care to your child, no matter what their special needs are. After all, no child should have their dental health be neglected. Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental provides a full range of service to patients with special needs, including preventative care, composite fillings, orthodontic treatment, root canals, and more.

Sedation Dentistry for Special Needs

Often, children with special needs struggle with dental anxiety, and still others have trouble sitting still for dental procedures. Our special needs pediatric dentist in Reno is equipped to handle these hurdles through the use of sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, your child will be relaxed or asleep, allowing the dentist to complete procedures that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for your child.

If you’re looking for a dentist for your special needs child in Reno, look no further than Toothfairy Pediatric Dental. Our warm, caring staff will do everything they can to make your child’s experience a positive one. Contact our office today to make an appointment.

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