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Do You Brush Your Teeth with Hot or Cold Water?

Most people use tap water to brush their teeth, but does the temperature of the water matter for your health? Hot water can kill germs, but does that apply to your mouth as well? Will brushing teeth with hot water make a difference?

So, do you brush your teeth with hot or cold water? Let’s look at hot water and examine whether or not that has any health benefits.

Brushing Teeth with Cold Water


Many people find the cold water to be refreshing, but there are no added health benefits for this method of brushing. If your teeth are sensitive, brushing with cold water can lead to irritation or pain.

Brushing Teeth with Hot Water


Warm or hot water is known to help clean surfaces better and kill bacteria, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for teeth brushing. Water at the temperature to give these benefits would be way too hot for us to stand!

How Important Is Water Temperature When Brushing Teeth?

The best temperature to brush with is whatever is most comfortable for you! The biggest thing that determines how good toothbrushing is for your oral health is the toothpaste you use, and the technique you use to brush. Make sure it has fluoride! Whether you brush your teeth with hot water or cold, look to fluoride toothpaste for these benefits.

  • Fluoride removes dental plaque.
  • Fluoride remineralizes the teeth.

Our mouths contain over 800 different types of bacteria that live among our teeth. These bacteria attach as a film to the teeth, but when brushed, cause some of the bacteria film to scrape away. The actual brushing process, combined with fluoride, is what makes the difference in the health of your teeth.

When asking “do you brush your teeth with hot or cold water,” in the end, it doesn’t affect how well the fluoride does its job. However, using too much water, whether you’re brushing your teeth with hot water or cold, can counteract the effectiveness of the fluoride.

  • Using large amounts of water can be counterproductive because the fluoride becomes diluted and will wash away.
  • For best results, fluoride should remain on the teeth so that bacteria does not create damaging acids.

The best reason to choose your water temperature is your own comfort, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Avoid too cold or too hot water to brush your teeth.

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