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LIBERTY Group Selected As New Managed Care Dental Benefits Administrator: What It Means for You

About LIBERTY Group Dental Plan of Nevada

As of January 1, 2018, LIBERTY Dental Plan of Nevada (LIBERTY) is the new Dental Benefits Administrator (DBA) for patients who are enrolled in a Managed Care Organization (MCO) as part of Medicare in Washoe and Clark counties. At Children’s Dentistry, we’ve always been proud to provide services to patients with Medicaid. With the new DBA, we’re happy to say that we’ll still be able to serve our patients with Medicaid. If you want to know how you’ll be affected by the change in DBA, here are some frequently asked questions.

Who Is Affected?

Most patients who are eligible for Medicaid must be enrolled in one of three MCO plans:

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Solutions
  • Health Plan of Nevada
  • SilverSummit Healthplan

If you are enrolled in one of these plans, then the new DBA applies to you.

Can I Still See My Dentist?

If your dentist is enrolled in Nevada Medicaid and is a member of the LIBERTY network, your dental services will be covered under the new DBA. Children’s Sedation Dentistry is proud to be part of Medicaid and the LIBERTY Network. All of our previous patients should have no problem continuing to see us as these changes take effect.

To see if your dentist is in the LIBERTY network, you can visit their website.

What Services Are Covered?

The dental services that are covered under Medicaid will remain the same under the new DBA.

Patients under 21 years of age and pregnant women have all dental services covered under Nevada Medicaid. Patients over the age of 21 have limited coverage, with only emergency extractions and pain management covered. Some patients may be eligible to receive dentures and partials under certain conditions.

What Services Are Covered at Children’s Dentistry?

Because Children’s Dentistry is a member of Medicaid and the LIBERTY Network, your child’s treatment should be covered if they are under the age of 21. We offer a full range of pediatric dental services, including:

If you’re unsure if a particular procedure or treatment is covered, LIBERTY’s Member Handbook offers an in-depth description of covered services.

LIBERTY is encouraging patients to contact them by phone at 866-609-0418 or via their website if you have any questions about your coverage. In order to make this transition go as smoothly as possible, the staff at Children’s Dentistry is also happy to help our customers navigate the changes. Contact us today by calling 702-998-6684 or sending us a message and we’ll help get you set up with your next appointment.