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Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Reno

For many children, going to the dentist can be difficult. Some children are afraid of the dentist, and others just can’t seem to sit still through a procedure. At Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry, we want to make your child’s dental visit go safely and smoothly, and so we offer sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry. With pediatric sedation dentistry in Reno, our staff uses one of several different sedation methods to help your child relax during a procedure.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for My Child?

Children’s sleep dentistry in Reno is a great choice for children with dental anxiety or for children with special needs. It can also be effective for very young children or children who can’t sit still during a procedure. Your child’s dentist may also recommend sedation dentistry if your child has to undergo any extensive procedures. Sedation dentistry for children is safe and effective, and our experienced staff will monitor your child every step of the way to ensure that they get the best possible care.

Types of Sedation

There are several types of sedation that can be used during pediatric sedation dentistry in Reno, and they vary in intensity. The four types of sedation are nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is the most commonly-used sedative, and will render your child awake but totally relaxed.

If you think that your child could benefit from sedation dentistry, our staff will be happy to discuss options with you. Contact us at one of our convenient locations to make an appointment for pediatric sedation dentistry in Reno today.

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